Horse Creek Trust

The Horse Creek Trust, a South Carolina nonprofit corporation, was organized in 2015 for the general purpose of rebuilding one of the South’s most timeless small towns as a beautiful destination and a dynamic sustainable new working community.    “The Trust’s” mission honors the vision of William Gregg, who founded the town of Graniteville in 1845 as a model cutting edge industrial town, serving to help uplift the working class citizens of the South through education and a civic minded dedication to a sustainable economy.    Today, The Trust heralds a new era in the Graniteville community, building upon Gregg’s dedication new economic opportunity as well as the timeless architectural patterns of this beautifully planned southern town. 


Hickman HallVia the introduction of newer entrepreneurial industries, such as Recleim, which herald a new era of sustainability and adaptive reuse in the Graniteville community, a Master-plan for the redevelopment of the greater Graniteville, SC area  is underway, dedicated to new urbanist planning methods and the architectural patterns established by William Gregg.  Through the adaptive reuse of the existing historic structures, The Trust will endeavor to attract new industry for the employment and reeducation of the Communitys workforce, thereby building the framework for an attractive mixed-use community where residents can Live, Work, Learn and Play; and
whereby visitors will enjoy the new planned amenities of the community of the Horse Creek Valley. 

Initial Development

The Trust’s mission is to promote a vital cultural life in the the Communityand Aiken County, South Carolina, for the benefit of the Communitys residents and visitors, initially including the redevelopment of the Hickman Mill complex, which will house two major employers, in addition to Recleim.  It will deliver the first mixed-use connection to Horse Creek, via the beautifully restored Hickman Mill and a new canoe launch, to be partnered with Aiken County.   Plans include the construction and operation of a Horse Creek Valley museum at Hickman Hall, encouraging and supporting the development of programs that provide valuable social, cultural and educational opportunities, particularly trades and arts disciplines relevant to the Gregg Legacy; strengthening the artistic and cultural education of residents and guests of the region; encouraging historical and environmental education programs; and seeking partnerships with compatible state, federal and county organizations in the master-planning process for the greater Graniteville area.